Dog Day – ‘Deformer’

Review by Andrew Sisk

I have always liked a good song over fashion, fame, or finesse.  This is the reason Dog Day have always had a special place in my heart and stereo.  From the first glimpse of their potential on their Thank You EP, to the confirmation of greatness with their Night Group LP, they have yet to resort to tricks or gloss. You would be wasting your time searching for a band with more artistic integrity or creative quality.  Deformer is their first record as a duo yet that seems to be an irrelevant point of interest with no sign of lacking musically or otherwise. The joy of hearing Deformer is hearing imagination rise up in the arrangements of a two piece band with hooks like Nancy’s LaLaLas on “in the woods” or the crunchy tom rolls on “Bluish Grey”.

There is an alchemy to Seth Smith’s songwriting, a crucible of dark pop and melodic heaviness.  The lifting chorus in “Part Girl” and the timeless pop knitting of “Eurozone” demonstrate the muddy soaring anthems he is capable of penning. Nancy’s tracks “I wanna mix” and “Bluish Grey” prize themselves as some of the strongest on the album with her fragile vocals sitting perfectly in the mix.  The vague resemblance to something punk or rock washes around the album without wetting the songs or carrying away the aesthetic.  This album is a step closer toward Yo La Tengo and Eric’s Trip while maintaining the tone and feeling Dog Day fans are familiar with.