‘From The Fourth’

Video by Mitch Fillion

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LEIF VOLLEBEKK (Blogotheque Session)

On his Myspace, he says that he has a Masters degree in Philosophy from Reikjavik, and when he talks to you he explains that it’s just to impress girls. He has a checkered shirt, a smile bigger than his face, he laughs at nothing, he tells you a bad joke with a strong accent… Continue reading

Leif Vollebekk - 'North Americana'

Leif Vollebekk – ‘North Americana’

The house of truth is built on emotional real-estate for the intention of supporting heavy weight that finds its way into old rocking chairs. Located within North Americana, resides a soothsayer’s re-telling of lived experiences that interrogate the senses. They evoke the smell of wooden wardrobes filled with pressed cotton and conjure up images of bent… Continue reading