Who are you and what do you do:
My name is Kevin. I’m an artist.

Current obsessions:
I just finished reading a book : SPACE IS THE PLACE : THE LIVES AND TIMES OF SUN RA by John Szwed. It was really fascinating.  So currently I am listening to my current favorite record of his called Sun Ra Quartet : The Mystery Of Being. I just installed new speakers in my home.  They are made by Harbeth.  I am rediscovering many records in my collection, which has been really enjoyable.  Also, I’m obsessed with dates, in smoothies, or with crushed walnuts in scrambled eggs.  So good.

Also The Koch brothers, (their investment/ownership in the Alberta oil sands / the Republican party), the _____Harper Government, (it’s fossil fuelled agenda) and the inspiring mobilization of humans standing up for the Earth.

A song or a record that will always put you in a good mood, without fail:
1. The Ten Graces Played on the Vina by M. Nageswara Rao
2. A Meeting By the River by Ry Cooder and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
3. Glow Worm by The Mills Brothers
4. Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino
5. Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed
6. Wigwam by Bob Dylan
7. Across The Universe by The Beatles

Tell us about an album or artist you think is really under-appreciated, and why they are deserving of more praise:
Many people are familiar with the band Metric, who are cool, but I really love Emily Haine’s solo work.  Her and a piano.  It allows her poetry to shine and sing out.

Most played track on your iTunes:
Let me check ….well on this laptop it’s You and Me by Clara Venice.

Most cherished musical object:
My Grandfather’s ukelele, and my telecaster which was painted by Shuvinai Ashoona, and Lou’s guitar strap.

Proudest moment:
Every day that I worked with Lou Reed.

Most vulnerable moment:
Playing a new idea for someone perhaps.

If you could score a film for anyone, who would it be any why:
David Lynch.  He inhabits dreamlike places, and I love that.  Beauty, Darkness, Mystery, Love, Evil, Humour, Real/ Surreal.  So much to work with.

Your favourite use of a song in a film:
Well after the last question I guess I have to mention the way David Lynch used “In Dreams” in the movie Blue Velvet.

I also love the scene in Down By Law where they are dancing to “It’s Raining“ on the jukebox.  Such a sweet moment.

And Phillip Glass’ rewriting of the Dracula theme song /soundtrack with the Kronos quartet.

Favourite venue to play in and why:
I always love playing at Massey Hall.  It holds many special memories for me.  I used to sing there annually when I was a choirboy.  And over the years, I have seen so many great concerts there.

Dream venue to play in and why:
I always wanted to play in a club on a space station.  It’s a good day dream, but who knows right?

First band t-shirt you ever purchased from a merch table:
These questions are starting to join together in a weird way.  It was a Pscychedelic Furs T- shirt, (The Mirror Moves Tour ), at Massey Hall.

Band you’d leave your bandmates for:
Velvet Underground

Album you want to expose your kin to whilst in the womb:

If for some reason you lost the ability to make and play music, what would fill that gap:
Loitering, ha ha.  I’d like to do work to help animals/nature.

What was your last dream about:
I was at a strange house party, and I could not leave.

Eventually everyone else had left, and I had this feeling that something awful had happened in some room of the house.

And for some reason I still couldn’t reach the door.

I began floating, drifting through the dim lit rooms in an endless loop.

And then the cat wanted out but I couldn’t let it leave.

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