Adam & The Amethysts – ‘Flickering Flashlight’

Review by Andrew Sisk

Adam and the Amethysts are a band that have been categorized as Folk rock, however, there is more minimalist Beach Boys and Sufjan Stevens than anything resembling traditional folk or rock on their latest release.  Creeks of synthesizers swirling around picked acoustic guitars and long bowed violins crystallize the band’s sound on half of the album yet diversifies it’s influences without sounding too eclectic.

Flickering Flashlight is a wavy album peaking with campy fun on tracks “Gitchee Gumee Yeah Yeah”, posing reflectively on “Adam called me over Christmas”, and harvesting sounds from the 80’s on “Dreaming”. The pick-ups are poppy and arrangements sweetly melodic creating an unoffensive musical collage.  Adam and the Amethysts quiet demeanour, girl/guy harmonies, and sparse orchestration lay outside traditional forms but in bed with pleasant familiarity.