Al Tuck – ‘Under Your Shadow’

Review by Andrew Sisk

Audiences are usually  taken aback at the lack of illusion and abundance of authenticity that takes the stage while Al Tuck is performing.  Personifying so many characteristics songwriters aspire to emulate, Tuck tours and writes his songs because there is no other version of himself. His songs are undeniably his own while borrowing from familiar blues structures and Dylan-esque deliveries, and while those comparisons come to mind at first they lose validity with each listen.

Never has Tuck been captured onto tape so fittingly and accompanied so tastefully as on Under your Shadow.  The rhythm sections on tracks like “Wishing Well” and “Ducktown” frame and freshen the album while tasteful golden guitars fill in the negative spaces.  The songs feel cinematic as the album plays out with variations of instrumentation and emotion while maintaining a vision.

Al Tuck has always been that brilliant inspiring sunset you saw with your own eyes and tried to capture with your camera only to get the film back of a scene that fails to capture the colour and light.  Under your shadow may just be Tuck’s best release to date, shining and inspiring in all the right places.