On the last day of a recent band retreat to Dyer’s Bay, sometime between breakfast and rehearsal, Ivy said “I don’t really listen to new music, unless my friends made it.” It sparked a healthy discussion (Bruce Peninsula can be an opinionated bunch) but in the end, no one disagreed with the sentiment.

The truth is that Bruce Peninsula could never have existed if not for the talent that orbits around it. Since the beginning, members have been recruited after showing their stripes in another project. Beyond that, the presence of local musicians and the music they make has been the source of endless inspiration in all of our lives.

In an effort to celebrate both sides of that coin, Bruce Peninsula and Southern Souls have teamed up for a series of videos featuring individual members of the band leading songs written by songwriters that they know personally.

Tamara Lindeman – ‘Am I Lovely’ by Eric Chevaux

Steven McKay – ‘ When I Am Beth’ by THOMAS

Misha Bower – ‘You Sing Low And We Will Sing High’ by Frederick Squire

Leon Taheny – ‘The Chronicles of Sarnia’ by Final Fantasy

Neil Haverty – ‘We Always Change’ by Jennifer Castle

Daniela Gesundheit – ‘Hot Love Drama’ by MGMT

Matt Cully – ‘No Twig’ by The Silt

Andrew Barker – ‘Terror of Compassion’ by Alex Lukashevsky

Ivy Mairi – ‘Feel You Closer’ by The Skydiggers

Kari Peddle – ‘My Hands’ by Jon-Rae Fletcher

Videos by Mitch Fillion

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Watch Bruce Peninsula perform ‘As Long As I Live’ live at Christ’s Church Cathedrawl at Super Crawl 2011, Hamilton.

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