Teen Ravine - S/T

Teen Ravine – S/T

Review by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill) Consummate gentlemen, music auteurs, production gurus, style vixens Nick Rose (Dwayne Gretzky, Sweet Thing) and Dan Griffin (solo artist, ex-Arkells) made a fantastic summer album that some of you may have missed. The fact that it is now Fall shouldn’t stop you from looking this one up. The notion that this album was made… Continue reading

Sandro Perri - In Another Life

Sandro Perri – In Another Life

Review by James Samimi Farr Sandro Perri’s music has formed a deep relationship with my life. I first came into contact with it at Arboretum Festival 2012, where I walked blind into a full-band performance of Impossible Spaces, still one of the most majestic albums I’ve heard. I looked next to me and noticed Shotgun Jimmie beaming up at the stage.… Continue reading

Matty - Déjàvu

Matty – Déjàvu

Review by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill) Not that I’m a famous rocker or anything of the like. More infamous than anything, but I do have many friends that are, and It’s great to see and hear things from their perspective. It’s often these people that are so caught up with their own projects and hectic life that they usually can’t… Continue reading

Gregory Pepper - 'Black Metal Demo Tape'

Gregory Pepper – ‘Black Metal Demo Tape’

Review by J.M. Farr Gregory Pepper has remained an enigma to me since I first saw him in 2010. We shared a bill in Montreal, where he was touring The Great Repression—a rockabilly cover album of one of his own albums, The Great Depression. He hopped up on stage and started spouting these great pop melodies. And all the while,… Continue reading

Leif Vollebekk - Twin Solitude

Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

Review by J.M. Farr Leif Vollebekk has returned after 2013’s lovely North Americana to bring us a masterpiece, Twin Solitude, which should cement his place in the pantheon of contemporary Canadian singer-songwriters. Vollebekk has mostly traded in his guitar for piano on this album, using sparse, sustained chords that make room for his most excellent rhythm section, composed of Shahzad… Continue reading



‘Sittin’ Pretty’ January 2011 / Newmarket Video by Mitch Fillion http://www.theelwins.ca