Teen Ravine – S/T

Teen Ravine - S/T

Review by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill) Consummate gentlemen, music auteurs, production gurus, style vixens Nick Rose (Dwayne Gretzky, Sweet Thing) and Dan Griffin (solo artist, ex-Arkells) made a fantastic summer album that some of you may have missed. The fact that it is now Fall shouldn’t stop you from looking this one up. The notion that this album was made… Continue reading

Sandro Perri – In Another Life

Sandro Perri - In Another Life

Review by James Samimi Farr Sandro Perri’s music has formed a deep relationship with my life. I first came into contact with it at Arboretum Festival 2012, where I walked blind into a full-band performance of Impossible Spaces, still one of the most majestic albums I’ve heard. I looked next to me and noticed Shotgun Jimmie beaming up at the stage.… Continue reading

Matty – Déjàvu

Matty - Déjàvu

Review by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill) Not that I’m a famous rocker or anything of the like. More infamous than anything, but I do have many friends that are, and It’s great to see and hear things from their perspective. It’s often these people that are so caught up with their own projects and hectic life that they usually can’t… Continue reading

Gregory Pepper – ‘Black Metal Demo Tape’

Gregory Pepper - 'Black Metal Demo Tape'

Review by J.M. Farr Gregory Pepper has remained an enigma to me since I first saw him in 2010. We shared a bill in Montreal, where he was touring The Great Repression—a rockabilly cover album of one of his own albums, The Great Depression. He hopped up on stage and started spouting these great pop melodies. And all the while,… Continue reading

Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

Leif Vollebekk - Twin Solitude

Review by J.M. Farr Leif Vollebekk has returned after 2013’s lovely North Americana to bring us a masterpiece, Twin Solitude, which should cement his place in the pantheon of contemporary Canadian singer-songwriters. Vollebekk has mostly traded in his guitar for piano on this album, using sparse, sustained chords that make room for his most excellent rhythm section, composed of Shahzad… Continue reading

Coszmos Quartette – S/T

Coszmos Quartette - S/T

Review by Mitch Fillion Coszmos Quartette’s dreamy psych-folk beckons you back to the present, away from the mind’s constant noise, to a place where everything is connected, infinite, and wondrous.  Images of nature and the universe echo throughout, as our storyteller longs to understand consciousness, time, and our place in the cosmos.  We’re reminded to drop our egoic minds and… Continue reading

Mauno – ‘Rough Master’

Mauno - 'Rough Master'

Review by J.M. Farr Mauno’s new album, Rough Master, deals with the duller moments in life. Moving, driving—day-to-day drudgery. Boredom screws with our sense of time; it seems interminable. Mauno extrapolates from this timelessness and distils it into potent and shapely songs. To my ears, the music takes many cues from Toronto’s Sandro Perri, which is certainly fertile ground for… Continue reading

Ancient Shapes

Ancient Shapes

Review by Tamara Lindeman Ancient Shapes appeared in my inbox in January, a surprise in more ways than one.  Romano had described it as an experiment, a record he made over the holidays.  He was bored, and he started playing drums again, and he started writing songs on top of the drums he was playing and recording.  And then, I… Continue reading

Daniel Romano – ‘Mosey’

Daniel Romano - 'Mosey'

Review by Tamara Lindeman Let’s get this out of the way.  I’ll say without hesitation that Mosey is Daniel Romano’s best work, and that Ancient Shapes is my personal favorite Romano record, and I say that as a genuine fan. Together they provide a portrait of a person who is one of our only geniuses working today, and one of… Continue reading

Inflatable Chaise – ‘Fruit Dove Pump Child’

Inflatable Chaise - 'Fruit Dove Pump Child'

Review by J.M. Farr Inflatable Chaise is the name of a lovely collaboration between two stalwarts of Toronto’s music community—Thom Gill and Ryan Driver. Thom and Ryan are visionary musicians, each possessed by a profound individual talent. Though their styles are highly distinct, this collaboration is complementary to them both. The instrumentation is rather sparse, with nylon-string and electric guitars, synthesizer,… Continue reading

BART – ‘Holomew’

BART - 'Holomew'

Review by J.M. Farr Two things can predispose us in this band’s favour before even hearing their music:  they have the best band name, Bart, and the best album name, Holomew. In this way, they edge out the previous undisputed champions—themselves with 2014’s Bart (EP) by Bart. Bart by Bart came out swinging in a barrage of fragmented and skittish… Continue reading

The Besnard Lakes – ‘A Coliseum Complex Museum’

The Besnard Lakes - 'A Coliseum Complex Museum'

Review by Steve Marck One night, years ago, I stood in a clearing alone, hours from any populated place, beyond spruce and fir-lined old growth logging roads. For the first time in my life I had an uninterrupted view of the stars, and they enveloped my entire field of vision. The day before, I awoke to take in my first… Continue reading

Young Rival – ‘Interior Light’

Young Rival - 'Interior Light'

Review by John Acres This young rival is a man from the 1950s, or early ‘60s, who has travelled through time (on a motorcycle) to the 1980s to meet his older self, a man who experienced what it’s like to be young, in love, good looking, and talented. Poolside in the Southern tip of Florida, the old rival tells his younger… Continue reading

The Inflation Kills – ‘Grounds For Termination’

The Inflation Kills - 'Grounds For Termination'

Review by Steve Marck Idolization is an ungainly process from its beginning, though as a kid it doesn’t seem that way. When you’re young, your identity gets formed by a lengthy process in part by those you admire and attempt to emulate. Everyone finds people to discover the world through, and those responsible for your creation are by nature the… Continue reading

Hop Along – ‘Painted Shut’

Hop Along - 'Painted Shut'

Review by Steve Marck No one knows when they’ll fall in love for the last time, but most folks will be able to grade how they might feel afterwards. Some words encompass those emotions well (gutted, raw, scorned), but without emphasis, they’re lack. Painted Shut has Hop Along conducting a gamut of affectations, specific to their own histories though they… Continue reading

Snooker Emporium – ‘Faster Every Time’

Snooker Emporium - 'Faster Every Time'

Review by Claire Marie Guimond As a pop concept, Snooker Emporium almost died once. They hung on til the end—the last shows were played without a permanent drummer—and then we went home and some of us may have thought about friends and bandmates moving away, and how cruel it was that fate killed dreams by negligence. But you are young… Continue reading

The Weather Station – ‘Loyalty’

The Weather Station - 'Loyalty'

Review by J.M. Farr My favourite records don’t give answers. Instead, they ask questions. They wonder about the world and equip the listeners with tools to deepen their own sense of wonder. Loyalty is such a record. The album’s 11 songs are built up around Tamara’s Lindeman’s lovely voice and words, which are somehow both simultaneously tender and detached in… Continue reading

Moon King – ‘Secret Life’

Moon King - 'Secret Life'

Review by Kieran Blake Moon King begins Secret Life with “Roswell”, the longest song on the album; an epic swirl of unrelenting drums and pulsing synths.  The carefree tone set within the first minute of the song quickly shifts as cracks of thunderous fuzz start to flood the tune and Moon King’s vocals ring out “No feeling without feeling”.  It’s… Continue reading

Sasha Chapin – ‘Golden Ticket’

Sasha Chapin - 'Golden Ticket'

Review by Andrew Hood ( A young man with a guitar – or any other means of expression, really – runs the risk of compensating for limited living by trying to sound older. Reading a 25 year old who’s been reading Hemingway is about as insufferable as listening to a 25 year who’s been listening to Leonard Cohen. But on… Continue reading

Limblifter – ‘Pacific Milk’

Limblifter - 'Pacific Milk'

Review by Kristin Lee B It happens quickly. A train barrels across an open terrain, speeding in comparison to the stillness it slices through. The quiet landscape is instantly transformed. But for the muted passengers safely aboard, the only sign of momentum is a steady rhythm underfoot as the car swings gently back and forth. This is how Pacific Milk,… Continue reading

Michael Feuerstack – ‘The Forgettable Truth’

Michael Feuerstack - 'The Forgettable Truth'

Review by J.M. Farr Michael Feuerstack’s ambitions are simple. According to a recent Globe and Mail profile, he only wants to be “a career artist”. He has been making really good albums for over 20 years. In our times, quiet consistency has been falsely defrocked: self-serving music reviewers are desperate to keep hype cycles spinning, and so they demand that… Continue reading

Whitney K – ‘Mixtape’

Whitney K - 'Mixtape'

Review by Kieran Blake Whitney K is the latest musical project of Konnor Whitney, who for many years released his music under the band name ‘Koko’, a nickname, but very much a band. By changing into Whitney K it seems Koko has erased the history of his nicknamed band to better represent his current state with the almost clinical moniker… Continue reading

Pile – ‘You’re Better Than This’

Pile - 'You're Better Than This'

Review by Steve Marck ( Properly naming your motive for expression is nigh impossible now. It wasn’t always that way, given the blind ideologies that guided the weighty choices one inevitably makes during creative processes. Not having a balanced sense of humours could be an easy excuse for any action. A hundred years ago I could have blamed my lucid despondency on an extra fistful… Continue reading

JONS – ‘Short Swim’

JONS - 'Short Swim'

Review by Andrew Patterson Victoria’s slacking windjammers weightlessly combine melodies that you can really lean into. Like a welcomed breeze, the A-side of this Craft Single rouges up the cheeks a little, lets your mind skip jauntily. ‘Short Swim’ even mimics the mode in which little bits of wind die: at the end of the track, the tape machine slows… Continue reading