Coszmos Quartette – S/T

Review by Mitch Fillion

Coszmos Quartette’s dreamy psych-folk beckons you back to the present, away from the mind’s constant noise, to a place where everything is connected, infinite, and wondrous.  Images of nature and the universe echo throughout, as our storyteller longs to understand consciousness, time, and our place in the cosmos.  We’re reminded to drop our egoic minds and pain bodies obsessed with the past and future, and to be still and aware in the moment.  Thematically, I am reminded of Linda Perhacs psychedelic gem Parallelograms that went largely unnoticed back when it was released in 1970, only to become a hit 20 years later.  Let’s hope that our antennas are more finely tuned to receive this special broadcast from our four mind-traveling friends, as it carries a pertinent and universal message that unites us all.  But hey, if it’s not a hit here on Earth, I’m sure they can land a gig in an alien coffee shop on Zeta Reticuli or provide the soundtrack to the fifth dimension.