September 2011 / Hamilton

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Cousins - Secret Weapon / Speech 7"

Cousins – Secret Weapon / Speech 7″

For those who like their tones clean, their recordings painstakingly pored over, and their songs needlessly novel- I have a message for you: Get your head(s) out of your asses. Listen to Cousins’ Secret Weapon/Speech seven inch. No clarity in music is more necessary than good songwriting, and both sides of this album are covered in a film of static energy and… Continue reading

Cousins - 'The Palm At The End Of The Mind'

Cousins – ‘The Palm At The End Of The Mind’

Listening to music can be complicated. Sometimes songs come at you sideways and you’re not entirely sure what you’re hearing. Is it a man’s voice? Is it a woman’s voice? Is it a robot trying to sex you up? Sometimes guitars sound like keyboards and vice versa. Sometimes keyboards look like guitars and neckties look like keyboards.… Continue reading


COUSINS (Part 1)

Cousins play “Throwing Rocks” in Hamilton, April 2010.