‘Rows Of Houses’ / ‘Leaves, Trees, Forest’

July 2011 / Guelph

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Dan On A Plane: An Interview With Dan Mangan

I was recently given the pleasure of speaking with the heartwarming musician, Dan Mangan. Totally laid-back and full of vulnerable humour (even at an exceptionally higher altitude), I was able to quiz him on the likes of subconsciously letting go, making it as a Canadian musician, and the importance of whipped cream…Continue reading

Dan Mangan - 'Oh Fortune'

Dan Mangan – ‘Oh Fortune’

I don’t know how old Dan Mangan is, and Oh Fortune does nothing to suggest how many years he’s spent honing his song writing. If a guess were hinged on his lyrics, he’s outlived most people already and possesses the wisdom to prove it. He’s written laments for a life unspent in Post War Blues; and Leaves, Trees, Forest comes to the realization of just… Continue reading