The Daredevil Christopher Wright – ‘The Longsuffering Song’

Review by Steve Marck

Most well written music finds a way to bind itself to a time and place in its listener’s life, so that certain songs harken broken hearts or better times passed. The Daredevil Christopher Wright have taken their well-composed creations a step beyond that conception, and imparted a worldly sense that feels hundreds of years old. The Longsuffering Song EP holds a kind of memorial warmth that comes with classical tales of monsters and maidens, only with a slightly adjusted history. There is no antiquated fear of the unknown in these songs, only confident knowledge of what works. DCW are not afraid of hitting the highest high harmonies, nor are they strangers to flourished storytelling if it adds to the feelings of a sound. The fascinating part of Longsuffering Song, is that at no point does it feel like the music is stretched beyond its means. Songs progress with responsible consequence that is difficult to pull off without pretension or unintentional mockery, but The Daredevil Christopher Wright do so effortlessly. The Longsuffering Song will make you feel for places you have never been, and people you’ve never met; but that’s okay, because it’s a really good feeling.