Destroyer – ‘Kaputt’

By Andrew Patterson

It’s been a wild ride as a Destroyer fan through the years: Dan Bejar as scrappy bedroom genius. Dan Bejar as David Bowie descendant. Dan Bejar as MIDI maniac. Dan Bejar as supergroup superstar. Dan Bejar as sprawling pop mastermind. Dan Bejar as melodramatic, self-referencing self-aggrandizer. Dan Bejar as spacey nu-disco cosmonaut. And what now?

In 2011, Dan Bejar’s Destroyer project took another left-turn. This time, Bejar dives into a velvety pool of revisionist soft-rock. On Kaputt, Canada’s leading non-poet funnels his eccentricities into his most digestible form to date, leaving plenty of room for sultry sax and thick bass melodies. This is the record for the people who thought Bejar was too obscure, too annoying, too prickly, too much. Dare I say it’s groovy? Yes, it’s quite groovy.