Devon Sproule – ‘I Love You Go Easy’

Review by Steve Marck

Good role models are hard to come by these days. Faults and blemishes seem easier to magnify than blessings, and so finding people to look up to becomes more difficult with each passing experience. (I suggest a reinvention of a paragon.) Devon Sproule is a shining exemplar of someone to idolize through song. I Love You, Go Easy collects a wealth of worldly knowledge and forges it into an admirably sharp outlook of discerning emotions. It’s opening track, If I Can Do This, is an even-paced reaffirmation that seems to inspire confidence in the remaining tracks. Sproule is never steely, though—she never has to plead for listeners to see the world her way because her perspective is authentically sensible; there’s no reason for her to overreach for attention with grandiose arrangements or trite flourishes of language. She’s felt the bruises of heartache, but there’s nothing vengeful in her expression—instead she garners retribution with intelligible beauty. Even the less structured design of The Faulty Body flows smoothly with no percussion to tie its timing. It’s clear that Sproule plays to her own beat, and it fits her rhythms effortlessly. I Love You, Go Easy takes former pangs and repurposes them as exercises in composure. As a teacher, Sproule has assembled her songs as graceful lessons for listeners to take comfort in.