The Dirty Nil – ‘Summer Mix-Tape’

Review by John Acres

So let me get this straight: the songs are loud and catchy, the band is two parts adorable and one part handsome, they have taste in things like fuzzed-out guitars and huge drum sounds, and girls love them—that will never work. I’m talking about Dundas, Ontario’s Dirty Nil. (Where’s Dundas? It’s Hamilton.) The Dirty Nil are perhaps the best test of whether Music and its Industry are divorced. We all talk like we’re waiting for them to get back together. Maybe it was something we did. Maybe if we’re better, we can be a family again.

While the Industry has been gallivanting all over town with its mistress, Ringtones, working-class bands like The Nil have been home, taking care of the kids: a 7-inch and a free single entitled, Fucking Up Young—which in the ‘90s would’ve made millions of dollars, complete with its own radio-friendly version and video featuring then heartthrob, Ian Ziering—and now with Summer Mix-Tape—yet another free offering complete with the aforementioned single, plus three other kickass songs. The Nil give away a goodtime like Honest Ed’s gives away Christmas turkeys.

Do we really want the Industry to come home? The Nil understand that we need to get out there and experience what life has to offer, to be ourselves, and to find out what matters most to us—and if you have a three-way along the way, just be safe, honey.

Maybe we should be happy that we can have bands like The Nil all to ourselves (for now). If Industry comes home, the party might be over.

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