Each Other – ‘Heavily Spaced’

Review by Andrew Patterson

Late into their career, The Clean wrote a number called “Big Soft Punch”, a song about political complacency and general idiocy. Details aside, the title of the song does a fine job as an introductory description to the physical sounds of Each Other.

The Montreal three-piece has once again built a giant (re: Big) landscape of sounds without resorting to digital muck or impressionistic abstractions. They’ve used analogue (re: Soft) equipment to capture their staggered guitarmonies and staggering drum patterns in a haze of wilted reverie. Each Other make mirage-rock of the highest order; the veils are punctured (re: Punch) in the strangest places, revealing an image behind an image behind an image, etc.

Heavily Spaced is full of the group’s usual uniqueness: they speak together as one, play patterns that display an almost preternatural ability to intuit each other’s next move. What ground is gained on this release is in the department of confidence. The lyrics ring out clearer (though still not entirely decipherable), the compositions showcase swifter shifts in dynamic and the textures carry more cinematic nuance.

The best example of these gains is the longest track on the EP, ‘A Strong Spinning’. It begins with a fearless marching rhythm, a simple single-tom and tambourine beat sounding out onto some final frontier. The guitar kicks up a dusty mass and the song begins galloping in clamour. Before it gets very far, a trapdoor opens and the song falls into a weightless cyclical swirl. Vocalist Brad Lahead repeats the phrase “It feels like a daydream” while the élan drifts out of the song. In the final moments of momentum, Lahead voicelessly squelches a cathartic cry from his six strings out into the void.