‘Freak Heat’ / ‘Ash Mound’

April 2012 / Toronto

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Each Other - 'Taking Trips'

Each Other – ‘Taking Trips’

Teetering on the brink of pop, edging towards introspection and falling in and out of time and space, Each Other build inviting songs out of aberrant riffs and fractured narratives. After earning an irreproachable reputation as one half of Halifax’s pristine guitar pop group Long Long Long, Mike Wright and Brad Lahead paired down and recorded this EP all themselves,… Continue reading

Each Other - 'Heavily Spaced'

Each Other – ‘Heavily Spaced’

Late into their career, The Clean wrote a number called “Big Soft Punch”, a song about political complacency and general idiocy. Details aside, the title of the song does a fine job as an introductory description to the physical sounds of Each Other. The Montreal three-piece has once again built a giant (re: Big) landscape of sounds… Continue reading