Japandroids – ‘Celebration Rock’

Review by Andrew Sisk

The benefit of a summer job is that it will be over come fall; no matter how bad it is, the end is in sight. Ringing all week so you can crash and bang on the weekends. Soaking in menial tasks for five days for a salary that you will spend half of by Sunday morning; this is the blurry passage from childhood into whatever comes after it. For many people, the sixteenth summer of their life contains this metamorphosis, if by chance, that summer is this coming season for you, I have discovered your soundtrack.

Unconscious and writhing in a world void of politics, consequence, and strain; the Japandroids are the warm July air rushing up your nostrils while you hang your head out the car window. Their notorious raucous live shows, awash in sweat, are alive and living on their new record aptly titled, Celebration Rock. Furthering what they had started with their previous releases, the duo continue with their vocal interplay, mountain-range guitar sound, and washy straight up drumming.

Immediacy and nostalgia cocktailed in a rich wave of noisy pop punk muddled with catchy wordless choruses are served up track after track. It is hard not to like the liberated nature that these songs express. It is time to celebrate.