JONS – ‘Short Swim’


Review by Andrew Patterson

Victoria’s slacking windjammers weightlessly combine melodies that you can really lean into. Like a welcomed breeze, the A-side of this Craft Single rouges up the cheeks a little, lets your mind skip jauntily. ‘Short Swim’ even mimics the mode in which little bits of wind die: at the end of the track, the tape machine slows and slows, and slows until it is no longer what it once was. It recedes to still, momentumless silence that leaves you wishing for more swishing air.

And then comes a ‘Long Interior’. It is the sun stretching shadows in mid-afternoon. It’s the light allure of the indoor pool. The warbled guitar lines fall with succulent delay, as though the pattern were: consider, play, consider, pluck, consider and let the strumming come.

While other bands exhaust themselves trying to lap their peers, Jons lay back and witness the air along the water’s surface. Which is not to say this music isn’t deep. It’s reflections are deceptive. Their calm-rock solution is impressively fluid. The tunes are of a classic nature, without ever feeling put-on or derivative. Not concerned with trends, Jons grasp the simple truth about water and pronounce it with an air of reassurance: every wave is a circle.