‘Cairo Blues’

May 2010 / Montreal

On his Myspace, he says that he has a Masters degree in Philosophy from Reikjavik, and when he talks to you he explains that it’s just to impress girls. He has a checkered shirt, a smile bigger than his face, he laughs at nothing, he tells you a bad joke with a strong accent and then a minute later floors you with his singing. Leif is Canadian.

At his place, on top of the piano, there are four records, placed there so you can’t miss them. Melody Nelson, Bob Dylan, Sigur Ros, Nick Drake. It put him at unease, its too much of a show off, but it sums him up so well, a boy all alone who is always hesitating, trying to do two things at once, juggling a sparse folk ballad and luxurious arrangements too big for one man.

This day, he was going for a simple configuration. Harmonica, guitar. It was the space itself that would change and amplify him. Habitat 67, a residential complex constructed during the World’s Fair of the same year, a juxtapisiton of concrete cubes all adhering to the same few rules : windows on 3 sides of each cube, and no dividing wall. And below, a gigantic lobby with a perfect echo.

Leif was incredible from the first take. Just after it, an old man asked us, with courtesy and firmness, to leave. We complied, we had already made the best of the space. And some surfers were waiting for us on the Saint Laurent.

— Chryde


‘Off The Main Drag’

Videos by Mitch Fillion
‘Cairo Blues’ shot for La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows

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Watch Leif perform ‘Takk Sömuleiðis’ at the Delware House, January 2010, Toronto.