Matty – Déjàvu

Review by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill)

Not that I’m a famous rocker or anything of the like. More infamous than anything, but I do have many friends that are, and It’s great to see and hear things from their perspective. It’s often these people that are so caught up with their own projects and hectic life that they usually can’t keep up with current, cutting-edge music, especially in the saturated climate we are living in. But when I was texting one night with actual Canrock indie-rock star Sammy Goldberg (Broken Social Scene) early in July, he wrote to me and said, “Have you heard ‘Matty – Déjàvu’? It’s an awesome record. I can’t stop listening to it!” Woah, that’s high praise from someone of his stature. I stopped doing the dishes immediately, (not a hard thing to procrastinate from) and I searched him up and hit play (thanks to a streaming site that will not be named, but rhymes with Dapple). Low and behold, I couldn’t stop listening to it either!

Maybe it was the gentle accessibility, as well as instant brain perks, soft beats, warm vocals that brought me in and sucked me into its gooey center as a pitcher plant does to a fly. So who is “Matty”? He’s BADBADNOTGOOD keyboardist Matty Tavares, who left the band due to mental stress from years and years of touring. He moved back in with his folks and put a solid psychedelic soft-rock album together with beat maker extraordinaire Frank Dukes. It doesn’t hurt that the record starts out sounding like an unreleased Tame Impala remix by Boards of Canada on “Embarrassed”. And in the very next breath (song), “Verocai” he takes the listener directly to “Eleanor Rigby-land” if sung by Brian Wilson about a sad cashier from Sacramento California or something of the sort. Lush strings, mellotron, and piano (synthetic or not) complete the dramatic effect perfectly. Gone are any BBNG drum wanking, guest MC’s and overindulgent jam outs (spare one at the end of “Polished”), supplemented with lots of quirk, charm, bittersweet vibes and ruminations of what ifs and what’s next?

I love solid records that on first listen hit the mark from song one until the end. Not every song is going to be Earth turning, but Matty sure puts a great 1hr soundtrack together. Highly recommend.