Maylee Todd – ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

Review by Steve Marck

Maylee Todd doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly. By the time Summer Sounds kicks in, any expectations you had for Choose Your Own Adventure will be shot out of a cannon whereupon they burn up in the stratosphere, raining down in a vibrant rainbow of harp strings and whimsical harmonies. There is not an ounce of pretension present in Maylee’s voice or her song writing; everything she offers up, whether its joy or sadness sounds like it comes straight from her heart. Her talent lies in her ability to juggle a fantastic sense of humour with some of the most earnest, honest lyrics in such a naturally fanciful way that it’s hard not to be captivated. Heart Throb and its precursor, Bird Party Yay are the perfect examples of both of those qualities.Choose Your Own Adventure leaps and bounds with soul-train punctuations just as often as it tugs at your heartstrings with slow-dance anthems. If your day ever needs brightening, this album is a fresh coat of paint on your brain’s aural centers.