Mike O’Neill – ‘Wild Lines’

Review by Andrew Sisk

I often wonder what would be left of our era if, through whatever circumstance, only the things that could be kept in our memories survived. What works of music would last through posterity? Would the ease of repetition and hidden mystical quality of melody overcome lesser songs than have been marketed better? I would argue that the contagious lines of Mike O’Neill’s songs would be passed down through the generations, his indelible voice echoing into the aether.

Your spine will straighten when you hear the opening track, “This is Who I Am”, as the vocal interplay leaps into your heart, standing upright as your new favourite song by the time the last chord rings out. O’Neill writes as if every second of every song is an opportunity to be golden and he’s adept at making it happen.  O’Neill’s voice carries a grace that dances through this album, being layered in a choreography of harmony that flourishes at pristine moments of embellishment.

With no weak link in the chain of songs, the album catches you early on and holds your attention for the duration of the 12 tracks. A million folk pop acts would have killed to have written a song like “Overtime” while “Calgary” captures a modern reality for a new age. “Wasted Time” and “Old Forest” are Bittersweet story-lines dreamt of from a new angle.

Having departed from his indie pop duo The Inbreds long ago, made his mark with two brilliant solo albums, Mike O’Neill is ready to release his pop masterpiece, Wild Lines, on Feb. 28, 2012. He’s offering up a free Digital EP for anyone who pre-orders the record at http://mikeoneillmusic.com/