March 2012 / Toronto


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Mike O'Neill- Wild Time Lines

Mike O’Neill- Wild Time Lines

Article by Andrew Sisk with illustration by Kristian Bauthus I am sitting beside Mike O’Neill on stage at a songwriter’s circle in Fredericton, New Brunswick and he is singing. Some of the most awkward times to be on stage are when you have nothing to do while sitting in front of a crowd like an unlikely royal family member and… Continue reading

Mike O'Neill - 'Wild Lines'

Mike O’Neill – ‘Wild Lines’

I often wonder what would be left of our era if, through whatever circumstance, only the things that could be kept in our memories survived. What works of music would last through posterity? Would the ease of repetition and hidden mystical quality of melody overcome lesser songs than have been marketed better? I would argue that the contagious lines of… Continue reading <