Extra Happy Ghost!!! – ‘Modern Horses’

Review by Steve Marck

One of the first lessons we learn about the world is how scary it can be. Discovering just how expansive your surroundings are for the first time and can be an absolutely terrifying thing to come to terms with. It’s easier every day to feel completely lost in a disaffected world with no reference point. Extra Happy Ghost!!! know this. They have been to the edges of precipices, and stared at the night sky with a smile.  Modern Horses is a scale model of the imposing and cavernous world outside; distance with perspective. A pocket guide to infinity. Extra Happy Ghost!!!,while possessed by the best intentions, wring a wellspring of influences that echo every song with catchy reverberated hooks that could just as easily be shaken off into a wall of fuzzed-out guitars; and with a detached, yet beautifully pitched harmony of vocals they will tell you, ‘don’t try to figure it out’. Not long after Modern Horses’ modestly strummed beginnings (right around the time So At One really picks up) EHG!!! bare their psychedelic teeth, and reveal they are capable of considerable snarls of noise that left in the wrong jowls could ruin a song; but they remain in control throughout the length of the record with an impressively unobtrusive outcome.  With their magnitude in check, EHG!!! have strung a record of well-directed lo-fi pop that gets more interestingly complex with every listen.