PS I Love You – ‘Meet Me At The Muster Station’

Review by Steve Marck

I find it hard not to personify Meet Me At The Muster Station. Its title track’s first blush is the profile of a charismatic playboy, backed by the whirling dervish exchanges contained in Breadends and 2012; PS I Love You’s lasting impression is that of a freewheeling yet calculated life-of-the-party. Muster Station’s ability to carry that raucous energy throughout without feeling worn or stagnant is what’s most impressive. When Scattered’s chewy distortion kicks in, the accompanying vocals sound like a party machine’s lament- one that might be interested in settling down; but the following guitars on Facelove muster the mettle to never settle for less than a sweaty blur of a night on the town. Meet Me At The Muster Station (Pt.2) rings out with the unapologetic sunshine of the morning after, but I’m confident that if you hit ‘repeat’ you’ll have a new best friend in the making.