‘Too Many Flowers’

October 2011 / Halifax

‘King of Kreuzberg’

Download the audio from this session Videos by Mitch Fillion
Sound from live show by Kirstan Moore and Dustin Clarke
Thanks to the Citadel Hotel

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Shotgun Pause: An Interview with Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Pause: An Interview With Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Jimmie has been putting the hammer down on Canadian tour routes for his critically acclaimed album, Transistor Sister, all year. I caught up with him amidst some time at home in Sackville, NB. Transistor Sister, you’ve gotten a lot of acknowledgement for it already, has this album felt like a new level for you? It has been great, and… Continue reading

Shotgun Jimmie - 'Transistor Sister'

Shotgun Jimmie – ‘Transistor Sister’

Shotgun Jimmie comes from the heart of the heart of the heart of New Brunswick. He plays from the heart of his heart. His guitar bounces gleefully, charges steadily forward. Your ears perk up and he starts singing about all his friends, who remind you of all your friends. His words are full of carefree consideration. He is a performer whose… Continue reading



Watch Jimmie play “Used Parts” backed by Attack in Black in the back room of This Aint Hollywood, December 2009.