Small Talk: THE ELWINS

Who are you and what do you do:
Travis: My name is Travis and I am in a band called The Elwins. I along with the others members of the group perform the music we create together.
Feurd: I am Feurd and I play in The Elwins! We jam/vibe.

Current obsessions:
Travis: I just got on the ol’ Twitter so I’m learning how to do that haha and of course T H O M A S
Feurd: R. Kelly

A song or a record that will always put you in a good mood, without fail:
Travis: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo by Junior Senior
Feurd: My Prefab Sprout Mix! Especially the song ‘WIld Horses’

Tell us about an album or artist you think is really under-appreciated, and why they are deserving of more praise:
Travis: There are many of them for me but ahead of them all is John Southworth. No one else is quite like him. You will have to listen to him to really understand the magic in his music. Then you may have a difficult time (like I am now) describing the wonder that is John Southworth.
Feurd: I would say Drew Smith who plays under the name ‘Doctor Ew’. In my opinion he is one of the best Songwriters I have ever heard! He writes amazing songs and is very humble. I want everyone to hear his music!

Most played track on your iTunes:
Travis: What Story Do You Want To Hear? by DR.DOG
Feurd: The Sacro-Iliac by 10cc

Most cherished musical object:
Travis: My classical guitar
Feurd: Definitely my electric guitar! Always reliable and my favourite thing to use!

Proudest moment:
Travis: Our song Propinquity
Feurd: Just had a chance to back up some amazing people at a Canadian Music Tribute including playing “The Lines You Amend” with Jay Ferguson! Also a crazy piece of music I wrote in high school in a few hours that I still love.

Most vulnerable moment:
Travis: Our song Propinquity
Feurd: Showing somebody a new song! Always gets my butterflies going.

If you could score a film for anyone, who would it be and why:
Travis: I’d score a film for anyone who’d ask! It would be a bonus if the film seemed neat haha
Feurd: I would love to score an Akira Kurosawa film. He always gets really interesting people to do his scores and his films are amazing and crazy. He isn’t alive anymore but he would be my pick.

Your favourite use of a song in a film:
Travis: Oh gosh…when the Cat Stevens song If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out is used in Harold & Maude. Great stuff.
Feurd: I love the song ‘Me and My Arrow’ by Harry Nilsson in the film The Point! It’s this cool animated film from 1971 that goes along with Nilssons album. The song is about a boy and his dog!

Favourite venue to play in and why:
Travis: The Rivoli because there are a good amount of spots to sit. I very much enjoy sitting.
Feurd: We got a chance to play at a whole bunch of summer camps this past summer and some of them made amazing venues! They had these amazing wooden halls where the hundreds of kids would eat, and then we would clear it out and turn it into a rock show!

Dream venue to play in and why:
Travis: Massey Hall without a doubt! It sounds incredible and it looks great. Plenty of (fantastic) seats for all too!
Feurd: Would love to play Massey as well. Amazing sound and a beautiful place!

First band t-shirt you ever purchased from a merch table:
Travis: Red Hot Chili Peppers…? Almost positive that’s what it was.
Feurd: I have no idea!

Band you’d leave your bandmates for:
Travis: I wouldn’t  leave.
Feurd: Never! I just want them to let me play drums sometime. I LOVE IT!

Album you want to expose your kin to whilst in the womb:
Travis: Human Cry by John Southworth

If for some reason you lost the ability to make and play music, what would fill that gap:
Travis: That’s a tough one. I suppose being a cook. I like cooking a lot so that’d be fun/fulfilling like music is for me.
Feurd: If I still had my limbs I would probably bike a lot and do carpentry/make weird stuff.

What was your last dream about:
Travis: I love this question and have always wanted to answer it! Sadly I do not remember anything from last nights except that it snowed a bunch. wah wah waaahhhh
Feurd: I have a really hard time remembering my dreams. You should really hear one of Travis’ dreams when he remembers them in detail. It is unreal! He will tell us extremely intricate stories about his dreams a lot of the time. I used to have a reoccurring dream where I was in Lord Of The Rings type story, I would be walking on a tiny ridge going up a mountain with a weird crew of fantastical characters in a thunderstorm. I was only about 6 at the time!