Who are you and what do you do:
My name is Kalle Mattson and I write songs, sing them and record them.

Current obsessions:
I’ve spent the last 8 months recording, mixing and mastering my new album and finally just finished it, but there’s still plenty left to do so I’d say it’s an obsession for sure.

A song or a record that will always put you in a good mood, without fail:
Anything Tom Petty.

Tell us about an album or artist you think is really under-appreciated, and why they are deserving of more praise:
I really like this new band called Night Beds a lot. They put out a record this year that’s sort of a Ryan Adams/Bon Iver mix, he’s got a killer voice and they’re all just great tunes.

Most played track on your iTunes:
The National – Fake Empire.

Most cherished musical object:
Either one of my acoustic guitars. I write all my songs on them so that’s reason enough to cherish them!

Proudest moment:
Finishing my new record.

Most vulnerable moment:
Oh there’s plenty but probably singing some of these new songs live has been and will be.

If you could score a film for anyone, who would it be any why:
Paul Thomas Anderson. I just really love his movies and the scores he did with Jon Brion on Magnolia and a few others I really dig.

Your favourite use of a song in a film:
Any song from any Tarantino movie? The guy is a master at that.

Favourite venue to play in and why:
The Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. Loplops in Sault Ste. Marie, ON is also really sentimental to me as well.

Dream venue to play in and why:
Massey Hall easily.

First band t-shirt you ever purchased from a merch table:
A green Sloan t-shirt. I bought it at my first ever show.

Band you’d leave your bandmates for:

Album you want to expose your kin to whilst in the womb:
The first three Paul Simon records.

If for some reason you lost the ability to make and play music, what would fill that gap:
Writing a novel, I’d really like to do that someday.

What was your last dream about:
I was a character in the West Wing hanging out with Martin Sheen in the oval office. True!