Who are you and what do you do:
Rich Aucoin. A musician.

Current obsessions:
Walking Dead.  Frida.  Jaws.  Ravel.

A song or a record that will always put you in a good mood, without fail:
Dark Side Of The Moon.  Pet Sounds.

Tell us about an album or artist you think is really under-appreciated, and why they are deserving of more praise:
Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!  It’s only a matter of time before that genius gets his due.

Most played track on your iTunes:
Hans Zimmer – “Time” (Inception Soundtrack)

Most cherished musical object:
My parents’ piano.

Proudest moment:
The end of my CD release at St. Matt’s in October at HPX.

Most vulnerable moment:
Jr. high.

If you could score a film for anyone, who would it be and why:
Wes Anderson. I would love someone like Tarantino, Speilberg or Nolan too but I feel like Wes Anderson is the only director I could pull off music for at the moment in this fantasy.

Your favourite use of a song in a film:
“One” – Amiee Mann, at the beginning of Magnolia.

Favourite venue to play in and why:
Paradiso in Amsterdam. Just a crazy awesome venue- old church / huge projection screen / great sound. But I’ve had the most fun at Metropolis in Montreal.

Dream venue to play in and why:
A huge room full of balls like in those play areas.

First band t-shirt you ever purchased from a merch table:
Dan Deacon.

Band you’d leave your bandmates for:
Scott Joplin.

Album you want to expose your kin to whilst in the womb:
Abbey Road

If for some reason you lost the ability to make and play music, what would fill that gap:

What was your last dream about:
My friends in a band called Old & Weird jumped up on stage with guitars and small Vox amps at a Rolling Stones show. Because they’re all cute girls, they somehow got away with this stunt (at least that’s how I explained it to myself in the dream). It was hilarious seeing Jagger into the fact that these girls were up on stage playing along to Sympathy for the Devil. I haven’t gotten to tell them about this yet so maybe I’ll just forward this post!