Steven McKay – ‘For Emma’

Review by Dylan Hudecki

Steve McKay (Bruce Peninsula, Dr. Ew), Toronto and Hamilton consummate accompanist and all around band junkie released his first solo full length record in 2010 called For Emma. In this day and age of disposible media, this is not an art piece to over look. It is full of beautifully odd, unique songs that dip from one time signature to the next, never taking away from the picture being painted. Drummer, guitarist, champion whistler, Steve also uses his baritone vocals to add nice bass vocals to an already saturated album. “Slow Down”, the strongest cut, is a fantastically written, minimally executed locamotive mantra to remind us all that “We all need more soup on Sundays, we all need more movie nights”.  Closer “Dance ‘Til the End of Time” is equal parts Rheostatics as 80’s Pointer Sisters disco, with George Clinton breakdown.

For Emma is an album for theatre goers, for art lovers, for texture junkies and lovers alike. This is a dense, gorgeously recorded album full of quirk and curve balls around each corner….AND it will make you dance and sing out loud. Fascinating!

It’s exciting to imagine what this wonderfully odd duck will do next.

(Stand out tracks “Slow Down”, “Restore Me”,  and “Emma Comes Home”)