The Just Barelys – ‘Mad Bits’

Review by Andrew Sisk

The Just Barelys crystalized their sound a couple of albums ago and are running right on time with their new release Mad Bits. The duo is known for their dance beats, angular lyrics, and pop intuition making them accessible and interesting. The metronomic drumming of Eleanor King ticking along to Stephen Kelly’s lengthy guitar vocabulary encase the album with a solid backing.  Like a polished old watch, the songs open up to reveal several ideas upon closer examination of the inner workings making repeat listens valuable. The vocals sound wound up in a matched design that elicit one single machine set to make harmony. Alarms of fuzzy guitar appear punctually as the tight rhythms lock in with the shots and phrases of Kelly’s guitar lines.

Lions and The Ride are danceable, catchy singles that demonstrate the appealing and almost prog-pop style the Just Barelys exhibit in their 2 person orchestrations. Mountain Low and Ok yeah Ok are ripe for your next road trip mix-tape with an upbeat optimism destined for accompanying passing landscapes. Nothing about this album feels dialed in or rushed, each song has been engineered precisely with patience and space.

Mad Bits is set to be released on February 14th, these songs will help put a spring in your step through the remainder of the long winter.