The Lost Lover’s Brigade – ‘Little Skeletons’

Review by Andrew Sisk

I listen to music when I go for walks, it allows me the rare chance to choose my own soundtrack. Full moon nights can send tingles down my spine with the right melody in my headphones.  If I let my imagination wander than I can see the music play out as scenes in my mind, affecting the music as much as the music affects me. I took this album for a walk to see where it would take me.

I began to saunter as the first bars of Little Skeletons jangled in my ear. Like a post-modern Western, the Lost Lover’s Brigade draw quick and shoot straight for the heart with the crooning opening track “Tigers”. Tremolo guitars and vibrato voices team up on an adventure into new territory with songs like “Lost Lovers” while “Little skeletons” appears on the horizon, sending smoky promises into the air. “Lonely Neighbour” picks up with a pristine grimaced chorus taking your heart with it as it rides into the sunset but then “Black Notes on a Tight Reel” sparkles like a story playing out in the stars, too beautiful to sleep through.

These songs seem to present themselves as both nostalgic and prophetic in nature and, for whatever reason, inspired visions of heartbreaking dance scenes in soft light. The album is sinewy and journeyed while resting close to the warmth of inspiration.