‘Factories / Plastic Slides’

May 2010 / Montreal

On the other side of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and after a little detour through some woodsy back roads, you’ll see it. It’s hard to miss. La Ronde, an enormous amusement park, is decades old but on the verge of reopening. It’s a collection of heart-in-the-throat moments, big steel loops and roller coasters as far as the eye can see… and not a soul was around. The Winter Gloves had secured authorization to play there before the grand opening, at an hour where the park was completely free of tourists and the only people we would run into were construction workers charged with finishing up the construction.

We would have loved to spend hours in the abandoned park, playing under the wooden structure of a big roller coaster dating back to the ‘50s, but much of La Ronde was still closed. With that being too dangerous and without enough time, we found ourselves stuck in front of some railing. No big deal; we’ll play in front of the warning signs and release a small bomb of rhythm through our mini-amp. And soon we’re rolling. Winter Gloves are timid and kind of reserved, but they know how to compensate for it with their songs, which are just shy of busting their seams with energy.

But a song wasn’t enough, especially because the most impressive part was waiting for us outside the park. The Jacques Cartier Bridge itself is worth more than all the wonders of the world put together. Under its imposing pillars, with some beats coming from the mini amp, Winter Gloves had a little mini-disco package just for them, as if they were alone in the world, dwarfed by their dizzying surroundings.

— Chryde

Video by Mitch Fillion for the Black XS Take Away Shows
Sound and mix by François Clos