The Bulletproof Tiger – ‘You Wanna Kiss About It?’

Review by Jeremy MacCuish

Early in his career as a bandleader, Miles Davis “stopped talking to the audience because they weren’t coming to hear me speak but to hear the music I was playing.” There is something of the ethic of Miles’ post-bebop era present in Bulletproof Tiger’s approach. Though the band’s music has a harder edge than those jazz pioneers, their twist on this music-first approach provides a welcome contrast in a world that often values headlines over content.

You Wanna Kiss About It? features a complete lack of vocals, song titles that can’t have taken more than a minute to come up with and is never satisfied with one time signature. Bulletproof Tiger make no concessions towards an easy listening experience. And yet, I found myself completely immersed in their music without difficulty. The focus is on the guitars, winding their way in and out of each other’s paths. Like beams from a lighthouse, sometimes moving in completely different directions, often parallel, and every once in a while coming together as one. The interplay is hypnotic. The bass and drums accentuate a jagged edge, while providing some tread on the potentially slippery trail blazed by the guitars.

There is an argument to be made for music that requires the listener to meet the music makers halfway. Bulletproof Tiger are not dealing in handfuls of jelly beans. They are not interested in hooking an audience with the bait of a 20 second chorus. They are dealing in some more complex flavors. If you go to their music willingly, a rewarding experience awaits.