About Us

Starting in the summer of 2009, Southern Souls began by capturing unique performances by musicians that call southern Ontario home. Seeing musicians play in the places that they live and breathe, places they themselves have chosen—in the street, in a store, in a kitchen or bedroom—is almost a homecoming for the music itself, returning it to the places in which it started.

Much like the music it’s captured, Southern Souls has branched out beyond southern Ontario, recording the performances of all sorts of souls.

“Fillion has quickly established SouthernSouls.ca as the most impressive online archive of performances by emerging Canadian musicians. With his own thoughtful vision as a filmmaker, Fillion captures prolific, underground artists in unique spaces, playing compelling renditions of songs in their repertoire that are often hastily re-arranged in public or unconventional spaces. And he does this a lot;” – Exclaim!

“Each song is generally done on the first take, filmed as a single shot once the music starts, and filled with an unmistakable warmth. The lighting is ambient. The sound is clean and clear. There’s an intimacy to the close-ups and the between-song banter that makes you feel like you’re spying on a private performance.”
– The Spec

“It really is an incredible feast for the ears and eyes. I can’t get over how thoughtfully these songs are captured and they sound incredible. It’s inspired, inspiring, and is constantly being updated.” — CBC Radio 3